Support Center for the Ukrainian Mothers and Children in Warsaw

There are over 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland right now, mostly women and children. About 600 thousand arrived to Warsaw (a city of 1.8 million).

My parents - Danuta & Krzysztof - opened a Support Center for the Ukrainian Mothers and Children. They aim to help them recover from the stress of the war and evacuation, as well as to allow the parents to deal with settling down, finding a job, etc. The Center provides food, english, ukrainian, polish and art classes, toys, etc.

In the first 3 months, they hosted over 140 families; Their maximum capacity is 15 at any given time.

The Center is run by volunteers and is entirely self-funded. They have offered (very modest) salaries to 3 Ukrainian mothers that provide courses and care in ukrainian language (including language, arts, singing).

You can visit their website here. With your help they can keep it running!

Please help if you can!

Hosting 15 families costs a ton of money and my parents are not affluent. Funds are mainly needed to continue providing food. Additional support will be used to organize additional activites for the children, including trips to the zoo, picnics in the nearby parks and forrests, or an agrotourism trip to a nearby farm.

How can you help?

  • You can donate food directly, please email Danuta (

  • You can use the following PayPal fundraiser:

  • You can send Crypto to my wallet and I will forward it to their bank account. (See Crypto addresses below.)

  • Or wire the money directly (Consider transferwise for inexpesive international wires; you can also use it to exchange money to Polish Zloty: PLN)

Transfer title: Darowizna dla Ukraińskich dzieci (Donation for the Ukrainian children)

More information:


Stowarzyszenie Sąsiedzkie Włochy (NGO)

ul. Naukowa 15d

02-463 Warszawa, Poland

Bank address:

Bank Pekao SA

ul.Grzybowska 53/57

00-844 Warszawa, Poland


Account numbers:

USD: PL 18 1240 6074 1787 0011 1218 1700

EUR: PL 62 1240 6074 1978 0011 1218 1931

CAD: PL 24 1240 6074 1788 0011 1228 5235

PLN: PL 34 1240 6074 1111 0011 1218 1553

Crypto accounts:

BTC: 3JiSAJxw2CZfXxxZtEvMG1uZd5ofJLW3fN

BCH: qq3xnx32kk8r8kdh3lq8gvcltlm09h9kkg0c03ygd0

ETC: 0x01F5f82114aeBa7255cAaa490261Fc03088899Bd

ETH: 0x99B82FBEF0f6319865E58775f40cEB2aFA6a3A22

(Let me know if you would like to donate in any other crypto currency.)