Each year I supervise a number of excellent undergraduate and Master's students. I teach various classes in Psychometrics, Statistics, and R programming. In the last 2 years, my most popular course - a 3 day hands-on workshop on on-line adaptive testing - has been delivered 13 times in 8 different countries.

Amazing students:
2013 Research Intern: Jennifer Hampel, Kamil Czarnogorski, and Lauri Koobas.
Undergraduate dissertation (Psychology): Eleanor Brown, Boaz Sobrado, and Dominic Kelly.
2012 Research Intern: Maria Rafalak.
Master's Thesis (Psychology): Annalyn Ng.
Undergraduate dissertation (Psychology): Sandra Matz (distinction, 1st best score that year), and Poppy Noor (distinction, 2nd best paper).
2011 Master's Thesis (Psychology): Ning Wang, Ivanka Bloom, Iva Cek, Tanvi Chaturvedi, and Sabah Merchant.
Undergraduate dissertation (Psychology): Eva Pappenheim (best paper that year), Kaori Takenaka (1st), Olivia Chausson, Poppy Noor, Olivia Lee, and Fiona Chan.
Supervision (Social Psychology): Helen Bromhead, Adam Higginson, and Ruth Plackett.