I am a research associate at the Computer Science Department at Stanford University and a deputy director of the Psychometrics Centre at the University of CambridgeI hold a PhD Psychology and Computer Science (University of Cambridge), M.Phil in Psychometrics and MS in Social Psychology. I combine a unique set of skills ranging from psychology and psychometrics, to Machine Learning, Big Data data mining and programming. My current research focuses on the human in the digital environment and encompasses the relationship between digital footprint and psychological traits, crowd-sourcing platforms, auctioning sites, and on-line psychometrics. 

I co-ordinate the myPersonality project, which involves global collaboration between over 150 researchers analysing the detailed psycho-demographic profiles of over 8 million Facebook users. Moreover, I lead teams developing Concerto (an open-source on-line adaptive assessment platform), and ApplyMagicSauce.com (an automated online service translating digital footprint into psycho-demographic profiles).

I published over 25 papers in the last 2 years in journals ranging from Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), World Wide Web Conference, (WWW), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (JPSP), to Machine Learning Journal (MLJ). In the same period, I delivered 40 keynote speeches and lectures to audiences ranging from policy makers (EU Parliament), marketing executives, HR specialists, to psychometricians and test publishers.

Prior to entering academia, I had acquired an extensive experience in business: I founded a successful ITC start-up and served as a brand manager for a major digital brand.